When entering a parking lot, garage or parking space, carefully read all posted signs. Some locations require payment, have parking time limits, are reserved for a particular business or are reserved for parking permit only. To ensure you are “parking smart”, simply read and obey the signs posted throughout the parking facility.

Be Respectful: When driving into a parking garage, please be respectful to cars behind you. In other words, do not tie up traffic by waiting for a person to walk or load items into their car, simply proceed to the next open parking space.

Employee Parking Programs: ParkSmart, Inc. has worked with Downtown Associations throughout the Bay Area to come up with discounted Employee Parking Programs. For more information in your area, please call us at (925) 933-8795.

Monthly Parking & Pre-Paid Debit Cards:
For more information on monthly or pre-paid debit cards for a parking lot in your area, please call us at (925) 933-8795.

Zipcar Information: For information on a Zipcar location near you, simply click on this link: www.zipcar.com.

If you have received a parking invoice, it must be paid or disputed within 21 days from the date of the invoice. Listed below are our payment options.

  1. By U.S. Mail: Place a check and invoice in the envelope provided and mail within 21 days from the date of the invoice.
  2. By Credit Card: Call our office at (925) 933-8795,
    Monday — Friday‚9 a.m. –4 p.m.
    We accept Visa, MasterCard and debit cards.
  3. On our website: Proceed to our “Payments” page.

  4. For instructions on how to dispute a parking invoice, proceed to our “Disputes” page.